FAQ's About GoBig Audio

Q. So exactly what is the  "GoBig Audio Process?

A. The GoBig process is a unique, natural sounding-enhancement for audio signals which brings out the detail, spaciousness and clarity that are ALWAYS missing from recorded audio.  In short, it makes the sound "alive" again.

Q    Can’t I just have my sound personnel duplicate your results with their ProTools and their racks and racks of outboard gear?


A     The standard tools of the trade mostly add more ‘stuff’ to the signal making it all the more confused, whereas our distinction is in modeling organic acoustic behavior such as is observed in nature.


Q    How is your three dimensional sound field any better than Spatializer, SRS, Roland Surround Space, Circle Sound, Bose, Dolby Stereo, Pro Logic or any other ‘virtual surround’ scheme?


A    The standard way of deriving 3D audio is by means of artificial phase manipulation. Such systems can sound very impressive, initially - until the ear grows tired of the novelty. This is due, in part to the psychoacoustic impression of the severe phase angles being NOT a product of nature. Though some of these systems claim ‘no sweet spot’, such optimistic claims still come up short. The acid test for this is to orient yourself perpendicular to the sound source (or also adjacent to) and see for yourself if the imaging and sound field endures. This can be observed with (1.) sounds occurring in nature and (2.) by the enhancement processing we provide. To learn more about Reality Simulation in audio, read “If Speakers Only Could”.

                              Q   I get that this is primarily for audiophile 'golden ears', but what about the rest of us?

A    The things in life we find most attractive aren't foreign to us, but rather, what we can relate to with some pre-established
                              familiarity.  In this case, we are mimicking the way natural soundwaves propagate through the air to create an environment
                              reminiscent of real life (nothing scarey about that and no special skill required to perceive it) whereas, a perimeter of blasting
                              loudspeakers has no such appeal and does NOT represent the world we know - not without a little help.

                              Q    How can I identify sonically, a production you’ve treated?


A    Your attention is not drawn to ‘it’, but rather, the content being presented. For example,  with all the many music A/B comparisons we’ve conducted, people compulsively tap their foot in involuntary approval, yet when we revert back to the original, that action abruptly  STOPS.  One causes automatic acceptance, the other, indifference.  We’ve seen this happen time and time again.



Q    Why doesn’t THX, Bose, Dolby (or any other recognized sound concern held in high-esteem by the public) offer me anything so amazing?


A    It’s just not part of their agenda,  just as we don’t sell products or re-wire a movie theater. Providing the audience-captivating Wow Factor, that’s what we do. 



Q    As a Filmmaker, sound is the farthest thing from my mind for Visual media. How can you prove to me that something invisible would make any difference at all to my total production value?


A    You can prove it to yourself. Imagine two different prints of your movie playing side by side at two screens at a multiplex. One containing our sound improvement, the other, plain. By simply allowing the audience themselves to freely choose after only a few minutes of acclimation, the ‘plain’ room would completely clear out, leaving not one seat filled. If that isn’t higher production value realized, we don’t know what is!



Q    How could you guys possibly claim to be able to improve upon a mix that is already state of the art and already as good as it gets?


A    Cuz we’re really, really into it, and it’s all done after-the-fact beyond the usual stop point. There is nothing new about this concept to anyone familiar with the following terms; “Re-engineer”, “Re-invent”, “Re-Imagine”, “Re-Generate”, “Rejuvenate”’ and “Extreme Makeover”  – or In other words, beyond the factory ‘standard issue’ to create spectacular, universal appeal and attraction far beyond that of the ordinary run-of-the-mill!  This highly specialized ‘Presentation Up-Grade’ defines exactly what Show Biz is all about!



Q    Love your sound, but how can you expect my low budget production to possibly afford a high-end service like this?


A    It’s often the under-funded projects that need us most since poor sound presentation is a real tip off to ‘low budget’. Now, there may be a way we can help. Check out  “No Budget?”.



Q    When I release my product, how can I be assured that all the many playback systems and situations out of my control, can fully realize the benefits added by your up-grade?


A    From the cheapest set-up to the most elaborate, all bring forth remarkable realizations. You can prove this to yourself by listening to a few of our “Examples” on your wimpy little computer speakers  and turn it up!  You’ve never heard so much output from so little before!



Q    Can you explain the term “EARgonomics” and how that is of any importance to me?


A    To be competitive in the retail market place, manufacturers of consumer products know it’s essential to design in a natural ‘feel’ and comfortable human interface for the customer. This is true  for everything from the cock pit of a sports car to something as simple as a writing pen. Even at the movies we find the seats are comfortable, and the air conditioning is ‘just right’.  But what about the sound and how can it be made more comfortable to the ear? Maybe we could just turn it down. No, too quiet. Maybe we should make it louder for more impact. No, too annoying. Go Big Audio is the only one pioneering a new technology expressly aimed at pleasing the audience through a better acoustic human interface - and a more entertaining experience for all.



                               These are only a few of the many valid questions we frequently receive, however we welcome the most important questions of all -
relating to your project specifically.