A note from Benny DeRose - Creator of the GoBig Audio Process

From a lifetime of listening to both Recorded Music, and Live Performances, I've often wondered why Recordings do not (or can not) sound more like the real thing.

Consider this: Why does a recording sound only like a reproduction (or facsimile) and not the original performance? Why indeed? I have never accepted this less-than-ideal delivery as satisfying, and neither have many of you. As you know, the superb accuracy that high-end playback systems provide, also reveal more flaws in the source material, making sonic Utopia impossible to achieve. Just ask any audiophile who is constantly upgrading equipment in search of that extra 'something', when the cause of the problem is not necessarily the play-back system at all, but rather the signal it is being asked
to amplify.

With a new, corrected signal (specifically fashioned for amplification), even a modest play-back-system can repeal it's own limitations and reveal more music, with a more life-like realization.

Suppose it were possible to enable music recordings to provide the feel and excitement of listening to an EVENT, instead of just a ‘stereo’ - where speakers could serve as a medium and not the object itself.  Wouldn't that make such recordings far more enjoyable and entertaining than all others?       Of course. However, not being yet possible, the tools to accomplish this had to be created, requiring a level of comprehensive sophistication far beyond a common effects box or software program.

Also, few have ever undertaken such a concentrated endeavor in the study of natural listener affinity or in other words, how certain sounds appear irritating to the listener (turn it down), while others are pleasurable (give me more). Call it EARgonomics.

This was the challenge and motivation for the development of the GoBig Audio Post Production Process, with the ability to deliver to the listeners the pleasant surprise of experiencing more than what they were expecting - from the same play-back system!

The world of audio has forever been stifled, attempting to do just that - to break through to a higher level of realism. This system was specifically developed for the advocacy of the audience, and music lovers agree, having no trouble distinguishing and appreciating the welcome improvement to their otherwise ‘ordinary’ listening experience. In fact, the appeal is so great, I have often been asked if a stand-alone ‘box’ were available so end-users could somehow magically create their own "virtual venue" and make ALL their music sound this good.

You can understand why they feel so strongly about it by listening to a few examples for yourself from our demonstration. It becomes apparent that in order to achieve this outstanding performance would obviously require a level of mastering-specific complexity which would be completely overwhelming for the consumer.

You see, what they really want is the results of the service we provide, not the process (the work) involved (as with photo finishing or dry cleaning).
This is accomplished as a "Post Mastering" step, and it's up to the Producer to ensure that the production has this special advantage already included for the end-user so that no extra play-back equipment is needed for the audience to enjoy and favor the music being presented!

This breakthrough is exactly what visionary Artist and Producers have always wanted in order to put themselves ahead of the rest and to keep all others wondering, "How did they do that?!"

Those of you involved in music-intensive recordings other than CDs, such as Commercial / Motion Picture / DVD and Video Production, will also find the benefits of GoBig Audio  absolutely outstanding for holding the attention of your audience as well.

Investigate for yourself and discover why they say, “I heard it - I like it - I WANT it" as a perfect way to stand out in this most crowded industry.


Benny W. R. DeRose